Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Change of Pace

I have written this post about 3 times now, each time erasing the words because they just weren’t expressing what I wanted them to (yes my words often have a mind if there own). This time I think I finally got it right.

My life has recently taken me on a wild winding road. A few months ago I decided to look for a position back in the restaurant industry to allow for some time to implement all the great things I’ve learned recently without having to worry about money coming in. A job instead of a career, just for now.

It took quite a while for this idea to sit well with me as my doubter (I call her Britney) kept telling me that if I did this I would be quitting on my business. I’m not a quitter! I can make this work! But as much as I told myself this I knew that in order to get where I want to go, I need to make some changes.

On May 1st, I began working back in the industry that gave me so much to begin with. I came into the experience with a new outlook, setting opportunity for growth and change at every turn. I was exhausted as I have not been on my feet that long in years. I was memorizing and cutting, eating and playing, but most of all I was starting to see my future in a new light. My goal of via 100k year was closer to being a reality than it had been in years.

So where is the rollercoaster ride, right?! Sounds pretty straight forward. Well just as I was getting used to my new life, I was presented an opportunity to interview for a national non profit organization where my social media and marketing skills would be used.

I leaped at the chance as I felt like it was just what I was looking for. Well… I got it!!! So once again my life has taken a turn, but I know this change of pace will make me a better business owner and more competent leader.

My head is spinning, my feet are soar but I’m ready to run into this new path at full speed.
I am so interested to hear how you deal with major changes in

your life. Do you run and hide or welcome them with open arms? Leave a comment and let me know :)