Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Journey In

Forgive me for trying something new, but I think I have a story in my head that I just need to see play out. I may be using these next 29 days to see what comes out of it. Below is the beginning of a story that has no name, I'm not even sure what it is really about yet, but I hope you enjoy it.

Being stuck on a freeway in Los Angeles is like its own special kind of hell. There is no where to go, no way to get out and it does not move. Of course Val was stuck right of the middle a sig alert on the 10 Freeway. The minutes seemed to pass faster then normal. She reached for her phone and called her best friend Sammy.
“What should I do, Im totally going to be late now, I can’t lose this job, I mean I just got it for god sakes.” Val whined
“You are gonna be fine, they understood how far you lived when they hired you, just call your boss and let her know. She will be fine, just breath and get off the fucking phone, you are going to get another cell phone ticket!” said Sammy.
“Ok, Love you” Val said, as she attempted to hang up the phone, find the office number and redial without getting caught by the police officer that was a few cars back.

Val and Sammy have been best friends for almost their whole life. When they look back at their friendship over the years they always have a laugh at the fact that neither like the other when they first met. Sammy was a tad bit Goth, her curly blonde hair and don’t fuck with me attitude quite frankly scared Val. Sammy always thought Val was a bit to Pretty Girl for her taste, always trying to catch the eye of some new boy at school and changing to accommodate each new boys expectation. They lived just down the street from each other and when they were put into the same English class their Freshman year of high school it was pretty evident that they were going to be friends for the rest of their life. There were times when they drifted apart, but they grew up into woman together and vowed that no matter where they were in life, they would always have each other. So it was no surprise to Sammy that Val would call in a panic of some sort the very first day of her new job.

“Um, Hello, May I please speak to Mrs. Banks” Val said with a quiver in her voice.
“Sure May I ask who is calling” said the older but chipper woman on the other line.
“This is Valentina Monreal, I am running a bit late, I’m supposed to be starting work today, I am the new Social Media, um, Marketing, Manager?” she said nervously.
“Oh OK, not a problem, let me transfer you” she said with a little giggle.

“This is Sydney, How can I help you?” said the stern woman on the other line.
“Hello, Mrs. Banks, its Valentina, Val?”
“Yes, Im about to jump on a conference call, how can I help you? Are you here yet? I have a lot for you to start with today”
“Well actually I am still on my way I have found myself in a bit of traffic. But I am on my way and should be in soon. I just wanted to call and let you know”
“Oh, Ok, not a problem, drive safe, We will see you when you arrive….Val?”
“Yes Mrs. Banks”
“Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?”
“Yes Ma’am”
“Great, and call me Sydney”
The phone went silent and then hung up.

Val looked at the traffic in front of her, still at a complete stand still turned up her radio and screamed with excitement. She looked at the car next to her and the driver, who now had his mouth propped open at the sight of Val’s sporadic burst of energy, and she just laughed. This was the right move, she just felt it in her bones.   

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