Friday, January 3, 2014

Up and At 'Em

Forgive me for trying something new, but I think I have a story in my head that I just need to see play out. I may be using these next 29 days to see what comes out of it. Below is the beginning of a story that has no name, Im not even sure what it is really about yet, but I hope you enjoy it. 

Val never really was a morning person. She likes sleeping in, but more than that she doesn’t like other people telling her what to do. “If it is that important I will wake up on time, my body will just know” she often said to her fiancé Joe as he rolled his eyes at her attempt to be insightful. Today was not the day to let her body lead the way. It is the very first day of her job at Youtopia, the one she has been dreaming about for years, and her body woke her up fifteen minutes late. “ Oh crap, Oh  crap, oh crap” she said as she ran around her bedroom looking for the perfect outfit to wear. “I told you to get your stuff ready last night, didn't I tell you?” Joe said while lying in the bed with one eye open and the duvet cover up to his neck. “Yeah, yeah you were right, as always” she replied as she proceeded to pick up her pillow and fling it at his head. 

She grabbed what she thought would do the trick a pair of slacks, a mint colored blouse and her lucky blazer and rushed to the shower. There was something about this blazer that made her feel important, taken seriously and quite business like. She often referred to it as her “business woman” blazer, but mainly because she liked the idea of walking into a restaurant and asking for the “Business Woman Special", like in the movie Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. 

She was so glad she did her hair yesterday because today it feel right into place, like it knew it was an important day. She grabbed her lip stain, mascara and blush put it on in a feverous manner hoping she didn't come out looking like the joker, or a hooker she looked in the mirror. “Breath Val, your going to do great, you deserve this job, you can do it” she said herself as she attempted to add one final coat of mascara. She walked over to the bedroom and looked at Joe “What do you think?”, “I think you look amazing as always, and I think you are going to be late if you don't leave, like, NOW!” Joe said. She kissed him on the forehead as she yelled “I love you” while walking down the stairs of their duplex. 

As she got to the front door and picked up her messenger bag, she stopped, took a deep breath and exhaled. Though she was so excited to start this new adventure in her life she couldn't help but have a tinge of doubt. After three years of running her own business and being her own boss, she just wasn't sure that going back to work for someone else, even if it was her dream job, was the best decision. 

She walked out of the door and to the car she looked back at the house one last time, closed her eyes and whispered “please let this work out”.

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